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IPv6 "Killer App"

You are using IPv4, with the following IP:

The Norwegian ISP PowerTech has been providing IPv6 connectivity since 1997. But there has been very little demand for the service from customers. We have observed in the past, that a female taking off some of her clothes, can do wonders for the penetration of new technology.

Since we are using routers from Cisco, Merete from Cisco provided us with a photo, in an effort to kick-start IPv6.

If you are using IPv6 already, you will se a photo of Merete in Queen Maud Land in Antarctica. She has removed all the thick layers of polar clothing. But if you are still on an IPv4-only connection, there some black IPv4 boxes will be censoring parts of the photo.
For the ones using IPv6, we have a thumbnail of the IPv4 image for you:

For the ones using IPv4, sorry, no thumbnail of the IPv6 image for you.

If you have IPv6 and are using a product from Apple, but can't see the complete picture, try the following link: http://[2001:840:0:1::161]/www.ip6.no/image.php.

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